The OpenFlight project seeks to provide HPC workflow knowledge to the community for a range of subjects, applications and workloads to minimise the skill gaps to utilising HPC systems. Further to this, the project aims to inform the community of methods to identify requirements to reduce computational waste for a greener workflow.

Cluster Build Methods

To help users of all skill levels deploy their own cluster resources, OpenFlightHPC has put together multiple Cluster Build Methods which detail creating clusters in multiple ways.

Flight Solo

Flight Solo provides a preloaded, HPC-ready, platform-agnostic image approach to deploying HPC resources. While it is available in the AWS Marketplace, images for various platforms are available through the OpenFlight Repository.

Tools & Workflows

To further empower admins and end-users, the OpenFlightHPC project has created HPC CLI Tools (Flight User Suite), HPC GUI Tools (Flight Web Suite) and Workflow Examples to cover the entire stack from HPC deployment to workload management.