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Welcome to the OpenFlight Knowledgebase

What does this cover?

This documentation provides Open Knowledge on HPC. It is designed to cover a range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • HPC Concepts
  • Getting Started with Linux in a HPC Environment
  • Creating Research Environments
  • Performing HPC Workflows
  • Testing a HPC Environment

What is going on?

OpenFlight is currently refactoring it's documentation to provide a better user experience, expand the content and improve access to the knowledge within.

When will it be done?

This will be ready when:

  • Existing docs migrated
    • Documentation Overview
    • General Environment Usage
    • Flight Environment Usage
    • HPC Environment Usage
    • Cluster Build Methods
    • Workflow Examples
    • Functionality Testing
  • Additional content added
    • HPC Concepts & Guidance (both on-site & cloud)
    • Flight Service documentation
    • Expansion on Kubernetes Usage
    • Flight Solo Restructure & Expansion (Getting Started, How It Works, Cluster Build Refactor)
    • Benchmarking Workflows (migrate from here)
    • Tensorflow Fashion Workflow Example
    • Basic HPC Workflow
    • Expansion & Consistency of Tool Documentation (Installing, Configuring, Using)
    • Glossary