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Flight Gather

Flight Gather collects system information into a processable YAML format.

Data collected by Flight Gather:

  • BIOS Version
  • Serial Number
  • Total RAM
  • CPU info (sockets, cores, IDs, models)
  • Network info (interfaces, MAC addresses, speed)
  • Disk info (name, size)
  • GPU info (name, slot)
  • Platform

Further to the above, the user can provide groups (in a similar vein to genders) to add further categorisation to the data. This is useful when collating the data from many systems.

Using Flight Gather

There are a few basic usages to flight gather:

  • Collect system information
    flight gather collect
  • View the system information
    flight gather show 
  • Modify groups assigned to the data
    flight gather modify --primary MyPrimaryGroupName


To find further information on the tool and command options see the help page for the tool flight gather --help, the same can be done for sub-commands (e.g. flight gather collect --help)