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Flight Silo Overview

Flight Silo allows users to connect to "silos" - cloud storage systems designed primarily to distribute software and projects, with more general file storage also available. Silo comes installed as part of the User Suite included with Flight Solo.

This section details the various commands used to manage silos, files and software.

Setting up platforms

Use flight silo type avail to list all available platform types and their current state. e.g.

[flight@chead1 ~]$ flight silo type avail
│ Name       Description                    Prepared │
│ aws        Amazon Simple Storage Service  true     │
│ openstack  Openstack Swift Storage        true     │

Types are not prepared by default. To prepare a type you must become a root user, and then do flight silo type prepare <type>. e.g.

[root@chead1 ~]# flight silo type prepare aws
Type aws prepared for use

Types are the backend providers of storage, and each type can hold multiple silos. Silos are used to hold software and files. To find out more about these see the relevant page in this section, or use the command flight silo help to view available commands and command syntax.