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Flight File Manager

The Flight File Manager provides a way to manage data on the HPC environment by providing a GUI that allows upload, download and even modification of files.

Using the File Manager

To start a file manager session for the cluster, select "Manage Files" from the management page. The system will open a UI for managing files.

There are a few options for the file manager, such as, making it Full Screen, changing to Zen Mode (terminal focused with less widgets and buttons polluting the screen), and switching to console mode (opening the current directory in Flight Console).

There are several buttons on the top part of the screen, they have been labelled below. All the greyed out buttons (except Bookmarks) can only be used when a file is selected. Additionally, the user can bring up the button menu by right clicking. Right clicking on a particular file or directory will show actions available for that file or directory.

Bookmarks allow the user to quickly change to a bookmarked directory. Currently, bookmarks must be manually set by administrators with root privileges.